Our expertise is in enterprise and with emerging technologies. We are always willing to think outside the box but particularly delight in working with complex cutting-edge technologies. We like telling the vision and stories around technologies for the first time. Our experience covers multiple industries with expertise and specialism in:

  • Cloud / VDI / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Open source technologies
  • Chipsets / CPUs / Servers / Storage
  • CAD / CAE / Multimedia
  • Remoting protocols / Audio Codecs / H.264
  • Image Recognition / Graphics Technologies / Computer Vision


We are experienced and able to advise on the regulatory environments surrounding many technologies and industries. When you invite someone into your team you should expect them to show the same due diligence, care and ethical/legal behaviour as your own staff. Every serious consultant will expect to be under NDA before discussing your Intellectual Property (IP) and products. You should expect a consultant to discuss ensuring they comply with your own processes and can spot issues that may open you to liability regarding:

  • NDAs (including residual knowledge clauses)
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Export Compliance
  • Secure Cloud Usage including application usage


Founded by Dr Rachel Berry. A veteran technologist who has worked in Engineering, Futurology, Product Management and Marketing for organisations such as IBM, British Telecom, Siemens PLM, ARM, Citrix and NVIDIA. Rachel brings to the leadership experience of both hardware and software technologies especially those focused on graphics. Rachel holds a Masters in Physics and Electron Microscopy and a PhD in Astrophysics specializing in Electromagnetic Field Simulation and Image Processing from Cambridge University.